Our Clients

Since 2005, Heart & Hands’ goal has been to offer quality, consistent, and compassionate care to every patient we work with. Our focus is to offer personalized care to each individual. There is no “one size fits all” plan for care, and our team of highly trained experts take that approach into every care situation. There often comes a time where a family realizes it’s not safe for their loved one to be left home alone. We pride ourselves on being the resource you can trust with your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, or other family member or friend.

When you sign on with Heart & Hands, we become an extension of your family and a companion and friend to your loved one. We offer complete non-medical at-home care for those in need. Frequently, our patients live with Alzheimer’s or dementia, and we support and empower them to live their best lives possible. Click to learn more about our specific offerings. At times, compassionate care might be needed outside of the traditional home setting. Our professional team of experts have been an additional resource for those in need at hospitals or senior care facilities. Click to see some of the facilities we have placed caregivers.

We offer flexible scheduling to allow us to be prepared for any scenario. There have been several occasions when a Heart & Hands caregiver was scheduled to be at a client’s home for three hours, once per day, then something sudden happens that requires more than three hours of care. Our flexible scheduling allows us to work with you to ensure your loved one receives the quality, customized care they need.

Our clients feel safe with their caregivers because they are aware of our commitment to hiring quality people. We hire people who we would be comfortable leaving with our loved ones. During our vetting process, we relying heavily on the referrals of people we trust before bringing a caregiver into the Heart & Hands family. Once brought in, caregivers go through extensive classroom and in-home training to ensure they have the tools to care for your senior.

Regardless of the level of need your loved one needs, Heart & Hands is here for your family. Outside of caring for our patients, our goal is to keep open lines of communication throughout. In all situations, we make sure the caregiver, patient, and family are all on the same page to ensure that quality, consistent care.