Hospital and Senior Care Support

At Heart & Hands, our focus is on caring for your loved one and meeting them where they are in life. Many times that is in the comfort of their own home. However, for a variety of reasons, care may need to extend beyond the traditional home setting. Our compassionate care staff offers care not only in the home but outside of it in places such as hospitals and senior care facilities.

There may be a time in your loved one’s life where they are hospitalized for an extended period of time, and it may not be possible for you or a member of your family to be with them 24-hours a day. Our team of expert caregivers can become an extension of your family and provide companionship for your loved one in their hospital room. We recognize that every scenario is unique, and each patient has different needs. Regardless of why your loved one is hospitalized, our team will provide them with a personalized care approach. Often that is simply being a companion for them in the hospital and the eyes and years for the family. At times, the hospital setting can feel rushed, and the doctors and nurses frequently visit the room with updates on your loved one’s health. Our team will take precise notes, communicate with the hospital staff, and family to ensure all information being shared is consistent to reach the highest level of care possible.

Aligned with our goal of meeting your loved ones where they are in life, we also offer support to those in independent/assisted living facilities. These facilities can often be exactly what a senior needs to live safely outside of a traditional home setting. However, Heart & Hands offers that extra level of care needed for your loved one to live their best possible life. Often, deciding to move a parent into an independent/assisted living facility is a difficult decision that comes with the concern, “I don’t want my parent to just be another face in the crowd.” Heart & Hands specializes in individualized care. When one of our caregivers joins your loved one at their facilities, they will provide the personalized care needed. Our team will be an extension of your family and be a companion to your loved one. Whether they need assistance eating, bathing, doing laundry, or simply just someone to be there for them, you can count on the compassionate care staff at Heart & Hands to be there for them.

Since 2005, we have provided support to patients in various hospitals, rehab/nursing homes, and independent/assisted living facilities. Click to learn more about some of the facilities where Heart & Hands has sent staff to care for loved ones.

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